Manufacturing Plant Operations

BNW Manufacturing provides assessments, discovery, and operations improvement solutions in manufacture of products and make-to-order service businesses. Evaluation of profit and loss or budget based manufacturing operations along with existing/ required KPI’s [Key Performance Indicators] provide executives and managers operational information they need to manage for results and develop improvement strategies and executable projects. These include effective use of existing and underutilized modules of the ERP/ MRP system; waste reduction [scrap, rework, sorting, premium freight, premium overtime]; inventory management including reduction of slow moving inventory and elimination of the causes of obsolete inventory; engineering and shop scheduling; and lean management techniques. Client expectations include reduction of waste costs; higher inventory turnover; elimination of inventory and write offs of obsolete inventory; increased on time customer delivery, throughput, and product lead time reductions; and an effective annual cost reduction opportunity system with KPI’s directly translatable into P&L and Balance Sheet improvements.

Production Part/ Assembly Operations

  • Provide improvements to the Engineering database, inventory & MRP system to improve on time delivery, inventory turnover, and obsolete inventory losses.
  • Provide improvements through a systematic approach to reduce rework, scrap, and poor machine utilization.
  • Provide Lean Manufacturing Processes that improve costs, through put, floorspace utilization, and inventory turns.

Tool, Die, Mold, & Special Machine Design & Build Operations

  • Provide a “Hybrid Lean” improvement process that takes all the Lean Manufacturing process techniques and best practices that are specifically applicable to “Engineered to Order” business environment. This includes:o Formal, company wide cost reduction program that workso Setup and Changeoverso Operational Process control on troubled areas of the processo Material Transport reductionso Machine Utilization using TPMo Standard Operation work technology

    o Material Flow- Capacity Planning Capability on Engineered to Order  Project

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