Tier One Automotive Company – New Product Development
“BNW Manufacturing Associates method of Program Management using MS Project allowed us to reduce a 42 month time to market for a heavy vehicle component system requiring a $ 10 million equipment & tooling investment to 31 months—the best performance in the history of the company.”  —  Global Product Manager of a Billion dollar division of a Tier One Automotive supplier.


Automotive OEM Captive Stamping Die Plant
“As Plant Manager I worked with BNW Manufacturing Associates on the Enterprise Project Management engagement for our operation.

During our working relationship, BNW professionals have continually demonstrated their in depth knowledge and experience in program planning, business processes and management of the enterprise using Enterprise Project Management technology by Microsoft.  They have easily related to my staff and workers of every level in my organization and have been dedicated, professional, and very enthusiastic.

The value received by our organization has been the standardization of a repeatable die construction process; schedule performance improvements; less overtime to meet program timing; very accurate forecasting of schedules allowing recovery plans to be implemented; and on demand reports for line management, middle management, and executive management.   Finally, this effort has resulted in our Program Planning organization has seen dramatically improvements in our Program Management Maturity—much to the benefit of our customers.”


Design & Build Company
“The BNW Manufacturing Associates Integrated Program Management System enabled our companies to reduce our lead time on engineered to order tool business due to better control of schedule and timing, scheduling engineering changes in more efficient manner, having the ability to see our capital equipment loading and utilization on a long project planning horizon.”  —  President of Tooling Group of Companies.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company
“BNW Manufacturing Associates engaged with King Systems this year to assist us in our rapid deployment of an enterprise wide Project Management system to manage our re- engineering projects.   In five weeks Mr. Barth completely corrected our planning and execution approach of our re engineering projects and programs that we had put in place over the prior four month period.

Mr. Barth then went on to train and coach our project managers to become more effective in their roles and also begin the process of developing the beginnings of a strong Project Management Office.  He could not have done this in such a short time if it had not been for his senior manufacturing and engineering experience combined with his subject matter expertise in project and program management using the latest web based technology.

The results of his efforts have made a big difference in King Systems getting back on track on many the large number of re engineering projects which are producing significant cost savings and revenue increases by providing much clearer visibility to the King Systems Executive sponsors to allow us to manage this strategic program more effectively.

During our working relationship, Ted and his company have continually demonstrated their in depth knowledge and experience in program planning, business processes and management of the enterprise using Enterprise Project Management technology by Microsoft.  Ted has easily related to people at every level of our organization and has been dedicated, professional, and very enthusiastic.
VP of Manufacturing.”


Design & Build Progressive Tool & Die Company
“BNW’s role was to create, implement and execute a PMO (Program Management Office) that managed and improved our on-time delivery of their engineered-to-order transfer die and progressive die process, resulting in significant reductions in process lead time.

“This web based system has made us more on schedule and cost competitive which has resulted in increased new business volume. Not only has this [program] allowed us to reduce our process lead times by 20% while on-time delivery of our dies has improved to nearly 100%. As our plant volume has increased, we are now considering a second phase contract with BNW to better plan and manage our resource requirements and capacity.”

The PMO BNW created includes Microsoft Enterprise Project Management technology that is engineered to order templates, machining, die making and tryout reports to streamline the scheduling, tracking and management our design and build process of transfer and progressive dies.”  — CEO and President

Center for Automotive Research
“This BNW Manufacturing program management system is the best Engineered to Order scheduling, capacity planning, and execution tool in Automotive Industry today.” — Dr. Jay Baron, President & CEO, Summer, 2008

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