Managing Product Development Process Using Stage Gate Processes

Best Practices in Product Development start with a robust “Stage Gate” process.  Stage gate processes many times can be ISO, document management, or spreadsheet driven.  Best practices can be used from the PDMA (Product Development Management Association) were the “Best” [upper 20%] were distinguished from the “Rest” – see diagram.

Management Project Development Process

Hi Performance NPD results can be reached by converting a stage gate process to utilize best practices and further to an enterprise wide project management process……………..read more.


Enterprise Project Management Technology Whitepaper

Project driven organizations working in complex program management organizations can find simplification, communication, and integration benefits through a move to Enterprise Project Management technology.   Most organizations in US Industry today manage or attempt to manage their projects and programs utilizing standalone MS Project and standalone MS Excel spreadsheets.   In those organizations with multiple project managers, the use of many standalone files with data which resides on multiple computer hard drives causes redundancy, laborious efforts to integrate and consolidate project information, and serious lack of visibility. See diagram.
Complex Program Management

Huge advancements in project management technology have been available commercially since 2002 -2003 to simplify the complex with enterprise project management- central database –web enabled technology……………………..read more.


Integrating Project Scheduling & Resources

When project driven organizations have multiple projects competing for the same resources:

  • This environment defines one of several major categories (which also is the most common type of complexity in US industry today) of a complex program management environment
  • This is the time for those organizations who have thrived on Excel spreadsheets for planning & tracking to exit this methodology and use MS Project – which has all the capability to handle all aspects of complex PM environments with only 1/3 the effort of spreadsheet techniques.

The goal of integrating schedules and resources is to have MS Project do the synchronization of using resource requirements to drive the scheduling engine.  In order to move the project management organization from documents, schedules in a project scheduling tool, and resources in a spreadsheet, the organization must learn how to integrate schedules & resources in a single tool— see end result of time scaled resource demand and capacity forecasts as a monthly capacity planning capability. See diagram……….read more.

Interprise Capacity


Program Management and Engineering Effectiveness

One of the largest paradigms in project and program management is the proper use or lack of use of the proper fundamental principles and project technology tools.   This paradigm causes laborious effort to plan, track, and be proactive on project schedule, work requirements and capacity, and project costs and prevents quality performance of projects.

There are, in fact, a number of best practices that practitioners can utilize to avoid or eliminate laborious effort, simplify the project management process, and greatly improve project and program performance.   A properly developed PM methodology developed over time which integrates project schedules, man hours of resources, and costs can produce 3:1 to 5:1 improvements in Program Managers and Engineering project leads. See diagram……………..read more.
Project Management Enterprise


Understanding PPM (Portfolio, Project Management) Technology for High Performance results

All the most robust PPM technologies in the world have been defined and researched by three major research organizations— Gartner Research, Forrester Research, and IDC (International Data Corporation).   These studies and the resulting data and information published define the functionality, the breadth, and capability of portfolio, project, and program technologies.   This is displayed for example, by Gartner Research in a four quadrant methodology — see diagram.
Understanding PPM

No matter what project enabling tool you or your company favor, any one of the six PPM technology manufacturers can supply your organization high performance project schedule, resource capacity, and cost results……………….read more.


World Class Manufacturing & Engineering Product Development and Capital Investment Product Launch

In automotive, aerospace, defense, military, and medical product companies, where product development launches are on a major investment scale and are a dominant part of the company’s best in class efforts to have competitive product launches that place them in the number 1 or number 2 market position, the typical 8 keys to WCM success reside not only in production of your products but have a unique and major contribution from the product development—manufacturing engineering launch life cycle.  This includes the product development and major capital investments performed both internally and subcontracted outside the company.

Typical results include 15% or greater reduction in time to market (many times 20% to 25%); reductions in overtime hours worked premiums and freight premiums; and 5% to 10% improvements in utilization of product engineering, manufacturing engineering, and capital equipment, tools, dies and molds investments…….read more.

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